The wind whistles in troll's ears while it seeks trollnuts walking with its seven-league boots. The troll becomes tired with the whistling and stops for a while to pat its ears.

The patting doesn't help but the whistling continues. The troll detaches its ears and beats them against its knee. The wind in the ears rolls out on the troll's knee. The troll grabs it with its black nails, raises it before its face staring strictly to its eyes. The wind makes a horn of its lips and utters a long and rejoicing whistling.

The troll feels a little like laughing and it starts to race-whistle with the wind. Then it pours all the whistling from its whistling-filled ears into heather where it winds like a hundred snakes. The troll engages the ears and continues on its way. The wind hangs on the troll's tail whistling joyfully.

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