The troll walks on the water and the snow grates under its feet. The lake giggles gently while the troll's feet tickles its back. It twists its back to get the most itching point under the troll's feet. Finally it stands up with the noise of breaking ice.

The troll hurries on its shoulder. The lake stretches itself and says hello to the troll after noticing it on its shoulder. The lake straightens its arm and the troll swims on nearly vertically standing water on the shore and starts to persuade the snow to come nearer.

The lake scrapes the snow up. It rubs itself and all its slimy stones with handfuls of snow. The troll helps. The quintessence of the lake becomes clear and in the forest the smell of clean water can be smelt. The lake lies down on its pool, turns around and purrs contentedly.

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