Men's World

A man who is extremely large has shaved his head completely bald and has let his beard grow long and bushy. One of his ears is pierced and a tunnel sleeve in his earlap stretches it hard. The man is neatly dressed. He wears a business suit with a tie in compatible colors. With gestures that tell about concentration, he grabs a bottle on the table, raises it to his lips, and takes a long gulp groaning manfully.

At the same table, opposite him, sits a really big guy. He has long hair tied in ponytail. His chin is carefully shaved. His arms are full of multi-colored tattoos. The man is dressed provocatively in black leather clothes and fingerless leather gloves. He takes a bottle from the table, brings it up to his lips and takes a long swig while glancing at the passing waitress.

Waitress serves both men with a plateful of ribs. The restaurant has an excellent reputation for its grilled ribs and the men have decided to put that reputation to the test. Both hold the food with their hands and tore pieces from it with their teeth. Hot fat flows from the hot meat to the men's fingers and jaws. The meat is obviously delicious. It vanishes into the men's chewing mouths while the waitress brings more bottles for them to drink.

Between bites, the long-bearded man rocks a babysitter that is on the adjacent chair. The baby that has been sleeping on it starts to wake up and coos making his needs to be known. The man raises the baby on his arms and sways him in a very experienced way. Another man grins and makes faces but continues eating.

The man holds the baby against his chest, just like he were breast-feeding it. He dips his little finger in pork fat that covers his plate and then offers it to his child. Baby sucks the little finger with his eyes closed and builds his future diet by this experience. The smile on the man's face disappears when the other man asks: "Why do you not breast-feed it the same way?"

"I cannot yet," the man responds. "We talked about it with my wife and I promised to go and get the hormonal injections. Next week I may be able to do it, I suppose." A man is silent for a moment and continues: "How about you?" The other man blushes and bites a mouth full of hot meat. Then he concedes that he is already three months pregnant: "...because my wife makes a career and I have now all the time in the world."

Original in Finnish