Oh My Wolf

WolfLittle wolf looks through the window. It sees two Christmas pigs dancing in the deep snow just outside the bear's house. The pigs are like dreams singing two songs at the same time: "The Sleeping Bear" and "Who is Afraid of Big Bad Wolf?" Both songs are chanting a common stanza: It is easy to be brave when there is nothing to fear. It is easy to brag when you know that the bear is sleeping and the wolf is still very young and little.

Little wolf knows that someday it will become big wolf. In fact, it is already a little bigger than last summer. After a year it will become very wolf. Little wolf feels how its inner true wolf is growing.

Little wolf glances again through the window. All of a sudden the pigs have been fried thoroughly and they now have nice amber colors. An imposing cloud of aroma is hanging over the air. One pig has a red Christmas apple in its mouth while the other pig has a green apple. The smaller pig had left its accordion on the step of the granary. The accordion is slowly compressing itself with a low whistling fainting sound. A flickering red cloth can be seen disappearing in the snowfall on the background.

Little wolf raises its head. It looks around and realizes that the night is still wandering around. Little wolf lowers its head between its paws and closes its eyes again.

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