Fountain of Youth (R-18)

During the times when the world was still young and when the magical Sampo was forged, there lived in the north a terribly big giantess. While blacksmith Seppo Ilmarinen hammered Sampo all day and night, it got the giantess tired of everlasting hammer banging, she blocked her ears with lichen, laid down on earth and pulled the northern permafrost over her.

Time passes and this very day comes. The giantess awakes below the permafrost, stretches her limbs to make them supple and gets up. Taking just a few steps, she walks to the beach of the Arctic Ocean. There she undresses and takes her satisfaction in bathing, in washing herself clean as blueberry. Concurrently, she cleans her clothes in the ocean and spreads them on the mountain side to be dried by northern winds.

A man, who visits north regularly and who has walked all the paths on every mountain, passes by and sees the giantess. So beautiful and sweet is the giantess in the man's eyes that nothing can be more beautiful. The man's brain paralyzes, he just stares at the woman, and sees only her immense gracefulness. Without moving his eyes from the woman's pretty arches and elevations, he camps out on the mountain top, in a place where he can see the giantess. There he sits and looks at her, allowing her beauty and grace to flow into his soul.

The woman, that pretty giantess, thinks her big thoughts and lets the northern sun warm her blood that was cooled by permafrost. Blood warms and packs in the places where it creates the most pleasant feelings. She begins to feel how she is in dire need of manly touch. All the feelings and needs that were embanked by the ice now floods to her mind while she lies on the mountain side and opens herself towards the warming sun. So hot is the sun's heat that the giantess does not even want to contain herself, but caresses herself while the warm giving sun looks at how her enjoyment increases.

The man stands on the top of the mountain and watches the woman who is bigger than his dreams. He feels how the woman's passion extends to him. Knowing his will, he wittingly follows his instincts and the warm scent of the woman, going towards her humming and purring voices. Never ever has the man seen anything like it, never has his body reacted as it is now responding. Bursting with hopes, the man runs downhill on the mountain slope.

The woman, whose fervency is as gigantic as her size, notices a little man beside her. A man sized just a fair-span scale. She sees the shine in the man's eyes, knows his greedy thoughts. Unfortunately, the man is just too little for her. She would get no pleasure from his manhood between her legs. However, the giantess grabs the poor man and looks at him. The man just stands there slobbering, empty minded and naked, undressed already while descending from the mountain.

While holding the man in her hand she notices that the man is nevertheless quite a size to fit. She changes her grip and pushes the man, with his head first, deep inside her, so deep that only his feet remain visible. She feels how the man's body makes good for her giant womanhood, and how her wetness starts to increase, how her waters start to flow like rapids. The giantess gets more excited and drives the man even more deeper, again and again, back and forth. The man bathes in flowing waters and realizes how the burden of years drops from his shoulders, how his skin rejuvenates and youth returns to his every cell. He dives again and again into the woman and is more and more reluctant to come out from her, and thus resists as much as he can. While the man wriggles inside of the lovely giantess, she feels increasing pressure inside her. The pressure erupts with flooding fountain, the man feels rhythmic force that takes away all sorrow and pain, so that only the original meaning of manhood remains. The man drinks from the woman's fountain, wanting to swallow its life giving liquids to the last drop.

The smugly smiling man sits on the giantess's tummy with his legs crossed. The woman lies languidly on the mountain side cooling her down under the rays of the northern sun. The coldness of the permafrost in her veins has now been replaced by the pulse of life. She remembers again what it means to be a woman. The little man on her stomach is pathetically proud of his firm horn that has not agreed to soften at all after the treatment given by the giant woman. She takes the man back to earth, tells him to go away and shoves him a little. Then she turns over, pulls the edge of the mountain upon her using it as a blanket, and enters the passing boat navigated by the sandman.

The man sits on a tourist trap telling his story to tourists and thus earning many pints of beer every day. Although the story is mainly considered to be just a tale, some women keep on whispering to each other about the man's fabulous talents fit for joyous moments between a man and a woman. And although none of the men will admit that he believes the story, one can see a lot of old rigid men wandering around in the midnight sun and seeking for the fountain of youth and love.

Original in Finnish

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Arjaanneli kirjoitti...

This is SO good and thrilling story.
In both languages :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Lukiessani näin kaiken elokuvana. Mahtava naishahmo oli aistillisuudessaan suuren unelman arkkityyppi, liekö mies lopunikänsä tyydytetty. Kuin jotain ikiaikaista olisit tuonut nykypäivään, herättänyt kuvitelmiini tarinasi myötä.

Johanna kirjoitti...

Tän olen kyllä jo kommentoinut :)

isopeikko kirjoitti...

Thank you so much Arjaanneli. Usually something is lost in translation. Maybe it is your imagination that fills the empty spaces in the story :)

Kuvitelmilla on mahtava voima, marjaisa. Miehillä on joskus tapana toivoa mahdottomia. Niin kuin naisillakin :)

Peikko muistaa kommenttisi, Johanna :)

Kutuharju kirjoitti...

One day Mother Earth was personified and -- just for one day -- she could feel the fleshly feelings of a woman.
And what was born out of that heated moment? (an amazing story)

Kutuharju kirjoitti...

Kutis is being persistent. I tapped a comment here a few days ago, but the mountains swallowed it. Now I came to feed it with the same stuff (let's see if it's still hungry and this will disappear, too):

One day Mother Earth was personified and -- just for one day -- she could feel the fleshly feelings of a woman.

And what was born out of that heated moment? (= An amazing story)

isopeikko kirjoitti...

How amazing, Kutis. You two comments are the same, word by word. Even the punctuation marks are equal. You have to have an eidetic or otherwise excellent memory.

Thank you for being persistent. Peikko did not know that the comments are kept secret in some situations. Now it would not happen anymore. Maybe.

Peikko likes when someone, like Kutis, likes peikko’s stories. It makes peikko’s lips strangely move upwards :)