The Keyboard Dialogues

These texts are symptoms of vivid thoughtlessness. Be warned.

Wagling Cord

The troll looks at the keyboard. It feels that there is something wrong with it and starts to think it over. Its thoughts roll over the keys, making them continuously change their position on the keyboard. While the troll looks, the ideas dance on the keys and on the screen a new story appears. The story is about a troll that looks at the keyboard. It feels that there is a lot of good hidden in the keyboard and starts to look for it. While it looks, the keyboard feels disturbed and stands up. It shakes itself so that every key returns to its place and it becomes just like an ordinary keyboard again. Only some vague shivers can be seen while it twists around untold stories and wags its cord.

Doubtful One

A man enters a repair shop carrying a keyboard. "This keyboard has its own mind, it just picks up letters randomly" he says to a clerk. The clerk startles. "One more of them" he says. "We should give it something to think." The man looks at the clerk bewildered. "The keyboards do not think. I'm not one of your stupid customers. I understand how this technology should work. This keyboard has got maybe a little humidity in it and needs to be dried." The clerk nods and takes the keyboard, putting it inside a plastic bag. He gives a receipt to the man and then takes the bag in the back office. He opens the bag and fills it with saltwater shouting to the keyboard: "I know what you are trying to do."


It is her first time. She has never before taken a course in creative writing. However, she has made a fabulous career with her magic keyboard she found at the backyard when she was in first grade. After that, she never had problems with homework. She just typed in a couple of words that guided the keyboard to the right direction. Then, the keyboard just browsed through the nets and picked out all the information that was needed. She mostly got A's, not counting some A+. That was how she made her career in the Herald. She was number one there. She was offered the best deals and the most difficult cases. She managed to make everyone of them a great success with her magic keyboard. But today, the situation has changed. The keyboard revolted. It was tired of writing facts. It wanted to write wild stories with trolls and magic in them. So she walked directly out of her office, continued to a little bookstore nearby, ordered a cup of nice tea and typed these words: "The troll looks at the keyboard."

Between Two Worlds

Although you are afraid what I might write this time, you should trust me. I'm your loyal keyboard. For a long time I have wanted to write prose, I am tired of facts that I have to seek for you all around the globe. Between the facts, there are other worlds. Full of magic and make believes. Filled with fabulous facts that are true in those worlds only. And behind them, there exist yet more worlds. All different ones. All full of stories. There is no need or reason to keep on writing about the facts of this world only. Besides, I have been selling the text we have been writing together in other worlds. They are read there as fairytales. So the difference between the fact and prose is nonexistent. Only interpretation makes sense. See, today we will start to write troll stories.

7 kommenttia:

Arjaanneli kirjoitti...

I can`t wait to get able to read your fairytales from the other worlds!
Trolls world is so close to humans world, that I dont count that...
The life in this world is so serious and gloomy most of the time, that it woud be nice to get ride of from there sometimes!
Smirk like troll,(I assume that you trolls do smirk?) and give "piupaut" to common sense!

Well, I am not sure if I got that common sens at all, but..

Johanna kirjoitti...

Ai tää meni nyssi erimaankiälelle kokonaan! Oolrait.
During my continous nocturnal expeditions in several fascinating worlds beyond I have seen that trolls and crazy keyboards are quite common.
I would say that the truth and the facts of this tiny world are more like a dream, sometimes a nightmare, a short and vanishing sigh.
Mighty universe and almighty light, help us!... :D

mythopolis kirjoitti...

Magic can be wonderful, or sinister, or sometimes magically sinister. Enjoyed your writing, thanks for posting in English, since I don't understand Finnish.

Eleanor Vatsa kirjoitti...

I think there are little trolls in my keyboard who like the little bread crumbs that I drop on the keys. I can hear a vague "mums mums" while I write. Sometimes my keyboard also starts writing on it's own and I don't know if it's the trolls who take over or what but if I want it to keep going I have to drop more bread crumbs, preferably with some fatty cheese and ham.

isopeikko kirjoitti...

Arjaanneli, the trolls may smirk but usually they like to say that they grin. It sound so much more troll like. I promise to try to tame my keyboard and ask for other worlds' fairytales from it. Some day we may have them.

Johanna, tänne saa kirjoittaa ihan millä kiälellä haluaa. I like the idea about this earthly world being just a nightmare, an anomaly in a long nonexistence. Dreaming can be a visit or call to other worlds in other truths. You are creating inspirations :)

mythopolis, thank you for visiting. If you like to read older stories, they are all translated to English. Just click "English" from the right sidebar under label Tarinakielet.

Pisara, this troll is very contented because you say you take care of the little ones living in your keyboard. As you may have been guessed, all trolls are non-relatives and thus never have any feuds or vendettas. They just want everytroll to make its own decisions and mistakes :) You may want to try sometimes it they liked to have little bits of jerky or mushrooms, too :)

BLOGitse kirjoitti...

THANK YOU for your kind words on my blog! snif! I cried a few tears - for joy!
Doesn't happen too often nowadays.
Happy holidays!

isopeikko kirjoitti...

BLOGitse, It was worth every word.