Time for Sauna

pieni susiA bear and a fox are sitting by the lakeshore near a shorefront sauna. The warmth of the sauna is wafting on the air. The friends incubate the sauna to generate a pleasantly sweaty heat.

The bear gropes under its fur, absentmindedly scratches its belly and yawns, "It is about time to go to sleep." The fox nods.

A little young wolf wanders in the deep woods. It smells the emanating sauna steam and finds its way towards it. The little young wolf remains a while at the forest edge to observe what the friends are doing. Being agog, it approaches them anxiously saying, "Wolf will have sauna too."

"Have," agrees the bear without hesitating. The fox grins foxily and puckishly promises, "You can go swimming too."

Shortly, well incubated steaming voices and joyous chatters are heard from the sauna. The bear keeps on yawning and is about to fall asleep on the sauna bench. The fox and the little young wolf take turns in keeping it awake. Outside the sauna, three different furs are seen airing.

After spending long and leisurely moments in the sauna, the friends depart for the bear's estate. The fox gives green morsels from its lunch basket to the bear that almost instantly falls asleep on the sofa. The fox and the little young wolf sit and listen to the bear's rumbling snore. 'Did you find stories, wolf?" asks the fox with its head tilted. "Will you share them?"

The little young wolf feels very adult while telling the stories to the fox. The bear's snoring is like an ancient dream song in the background. The fox is elated with this special moment.

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