Really Beautiful

– Beautiful. Really beautiful, says the woman examining her look in the mirror. She keeps on turning to see her body from all sides. – This is the best so far.

– Would you like to try this one yet? asks the salesperson inviting the woman to come closer. – This is a completely new model. We received it just this very morning.

The woman does as requested and goes to see the new model. Her bare feet sink in soft grass, and the warm glowing sun on the ceiling caresses woman's full nudity. The salesperson guides the woman to the front of the new mirror. She carefully examines herself in the mirror.

– This one is somehow exotically mythical and at the same time extremely western, says the woman after making a quick analysis of what she saw. – I like that glittering complexion, and the almond like eyes, but the body curves are probably too exaggerated for my taste.

Woman moves herself and examines the view in the mirror. Looking thoughtfully, she returns to the previous mirror and critically examines her body through it one more time. She takes another peek in the new mirror, but returns immediately to the one she liked best.

– This is far better, she says. – Can you adjust the skin color to make it a bit richer?

– Actually this light model is designed to have pale skin tone, says the salesperson. – Like this.

– No no no. I like deeper color. Right, that's better. Could you remove couple of years at the same time... That's perfect. I'll take it.

The salesperson praises the woman's good taste, takes the new appearance from the mirror and helps the woman to put it on. The woman strokes her new self and is obviously very pleased. Smoothness and elasticity of her new skin, and its new sensations make her feel fresh vitality.

– Beautiful. Really beautiful, she says smiling.

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