Control Gear

A young automation engineer brags and promises to solve all customers' problems by placing a few control gears hither and thither, and by coupling a couple of loops to avoid overly electronic cavitations. The young engineer has just completed his final exams and is brimming with full confidence in his new job.

Engineer's feet buckle when he meets with his new female colleague, an economist, who has sold her customer promises of tomorrow with huge growth in cash flow. The woman meets all the requirements of what the engineer considers as an ideal woman. He performs a thorough in-depth analysis on her against his idea on womanhood and is unable to find any deviations over his predefined tolerances on it.

With his head half-confused, the engineer takes his place on his drawing board and starts to plan a solution for a customer's problem presented to him by the woman, the economist. In the engineer's thoughts, the woman's face and body springs up mixed with the customer's expectations.

The young woman, the economist, approaches the engineer in a hot tempered way. She looks at the engineer grimly and hits him hard on his face. The engineer is surprised at her reaction. He faces up to the circumstances and asks the woman her reason for the violent behavior.

- We installed the control gear with the customer. It was an immediate success. The process behaved like a dream. I, however, was forced to press the panic button and stop the contraption altogether.

- Why on earth? asks the young engineer with amazement.

- The control gear had an effect on me, too. It started to optimize my happiness. And I just began to feel too good in front of the customer. I had to stop the contraption at the last possible moment. Later, I would not have been able to stop it, let alone not want to stop it.

The young engineer browses the circuit diagram of the control gear he planned earlier. The young woman, the economist, looks at him from every wiring, behind every component and every module. Eventually, the engineer understands the ultimate connections in the wiring. He selects the right tool, bends his body over the diagram and removes the frivolous panic switch.

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