The Beach

There is a path in the midst of the giant trees. The troll has wandered through the forest teasing trees and tossing cones around. For fun, it has switched and mixed the tops of the trees. The trees keep on humming while getting used to their new being. Although the cones are somewhat frightened of the troll, they yell joyfully at the vast speed of its hurl.

The troll sits down on the beach and pokes its toes into the bedrock. Its hand touches the sand that is smoothed by the waves. The troll feels the warmth and the moist velvet touch of the sand.

The sand gets on its feet and sits down beside the troll. For a while, their gazes rest at the same moment. Little grits are falling from the surface of the sand, creating a hushed continuous hissing voice.

The sand looks at the troll and the rhythm of the hissing voice changes. From its pocket, the troll digs a flute from which flows out wavy sounds and ditties. The sand pursues dancing and tenderly beckons the troll.

The troll and the sand are dancing amid a cloud of little glittery quartz crystals. The sound of falling grits fades away while the sand, grain by grain, takes its place and shape on the beach composing a picture of the dance. A granule of the sand remains near the heart of the troll.

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SusuPetal kirjoitti...

I liked this dance.