A man sleeps heavily. He is tired of himself and of his work. Loops of sleep are twisting around his thoughts and organizing his thinking in a new way, making room for new and easier thoughts. Repose accumulating from sleep makes the man relax and his sleep lighter.

In his dream, a woman who pleases him very much approaches him. She smiles and makes advances by lying down beside the man and entering the same dream. The man's mind adventures on her skin, carrying his thoughts and his touches. He feels how her inner self unites with his chimera creating images of mutual fusing. He reads her reactions and understands how deep the feelings she is experiencing at this very moment. He notices that his own feelings are intensely repeating hers. Increasing joy flashes within their beings.

The next morning, the man walks light-footedly to work. A constant smile on his face also makes everyone he meets delighted.

After the morning break, the man meets the woman. She is absorbed in her work and is obviously stressed. While happiness still remains in his thoughts, he tells her about his dream and her role in it. Instantly, she feels abused, springs up to the man and hits him heavily on his cheek while simultaneously kicking him hard on his shinbone.

The man feels embarrassed as he holds his hot cheek. Snappily, she walks away. The smile returns on his lips.

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thank you for your comment on my blog ! I like this story about the stressed man's dream ...

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