The Game

The man releases his grip from the pawn after concluding the move on his life's checkerboard. The pawn immediately sinks in the bog hole on the square. The pawn screams fiercely while it tries to release itself from the bog. The man stretches his hand to move the pawn one more time, but realizes that the chess clock is now counting time only for his opponent. The pawn sobs heartbreakingly.

Death makes her move. "Check in three moves. Remember that your every choice is irreversible and cannot be undone."

The chess clock is ticking time for the man. Now he has this one moment. He sees his opponent's game and how it inevitably develops into a fatal end. He knows that he is a very inexperienced player compared to his opponent, and that sooner or later he will most probably lose the game. Nonetheless, he moves the almost sunken pawn as far away as possible from the bog hole.

Death moves. "Check in two moves, checkmate in three. You still have time."

The man hears the clock's slow ticking. The game is about to end with the victory of his opponent. The game pieces are crying silently. The man lifts his eyes and meets his opponent's empty gaze. "Are you playing making good use of my mistakes or of your own knowledge?"

Death keeps quiet.

The man changes the rules of the game and thus, alters the situation. "Stalemate."

Death nods. She leaves the game and turns away. Yet, she stops and says: "A good move. I know it now."

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