The Rules of the Traffic

A child stands with mom by the road waiting for a car. Occasionally, cars pass by but not one is good enough for their needs. The child is clearly scared.

- Mom, will it hurt a lot

- No it won't. You won't even notice the whole thing. And thereafter, living is going to be much easier.

The director is sitting at the back seat of the chauffeur driven car. He ponders a strategy for the forthcoming business meeting. Suddenly, the chauffeur steers hastily and kicks hard on the brake pedal. A thudding sound makes the chauffeur turn pale and he stops the car.

- Reverse, commands the director to the terrified chauffeur.

The chauffeur backs up the car to the place of accident while the director watches the situation through the dark tinted car windows.

- It still lives, the director sighs. - Hit it again! It is cruel to let it suffer any more. It is always the same old story in this area. They push their brats in front of the car just to get compensations or lifetime support for them. For us, it is much cheaper to pay for the funerals.

- They are poor people, agrees the chauffeur while he accelerates the car. By now, he has gotten over his apprehension about paying the medical expenses of the brat. - They are so poor and uneducated that they even sell their organs just to be able to get money for food.

The chest of the victim crushes under the wheels of the heavy car. The chauffeur secures the door locks and drives the car to the side of the road. The director calls up someone at his cell phone to postpone the business meeting for twenty minutes. The radio plays soft music while the director takes out some cash from his wallet in order to bribe the approaching policeman.

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