A little fox, almost a baby, is hiding under green leaves. Its small heart beats unregularly, as if wishing by beating to correct the weakness that makes the little fox tire so easily.

Under the green leaves there's shelter and security. The little fox puts its head between its paws and lets the dreams flow in its mind. The dreams tell about the joys of life, about the burrow and the happy first steps of the brotherhood. In its dreams it sees itself playing noisilly with its brothers while learning to hunt for mice and to make fox jumps.

The little fox wakes up. It sits up and looks around. Close to it, under the same leaves there's another fox. This fox is deep black, the end of its tail is gleaming white and in its eyes you can see the stars of the profound space. The black fox smiles softly, revealing sharp teeth, white like the stars.

The black fox tells the little fox that it has come to show it the way to the fox woods where foxes are completely free. The little fox raises its paw and looks at the chain gleaming like silver, which binds it to life. The little fox looks at the black fox for a long time, sees the truth in its eyes, smiles and tired it lays down on the side.

The teeth of the black fox gleam shortly cutting off the bounds to life. The little fox rises up and belly to belly with the black fox, it follows a new path to the new fox woods.

Inspiration from an illustrated story by HPY.

Translation 2008 © HPY in The Fox. Republished with permission.

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