The Seventh Truth

The attractive woman enchantingly releases her veil. The wind takes the thin veil and lifts it to one of the trees surrounding the glade. The man awaits the dancing woman as he relaxes himself on a blanket near her.

She has six more veils and six more truths to release. The release of the first veil reveals her featherlike hairstyle glowing in orange. As the woman continues her dance, she gradually reveals one secret after another: her white smile, a fox tattoo on her shoulder, a piercing on her bellybutton, her orange skirt, and her tank top black as soot.

The man feels a rising fervor. The woman is the most gorgeous he has ever seen, the most gorgeous he believes he will ever see. He waits for her to release the last, the seventh veil.

Her expression reflects a strong determination as she loosens her grip on the last veil. She stretches her hand and he ogles at it. On her finger is a ring entwined in nine silver loops.

She ceases to dance and stands solemnly in front of the man saying:

- I have pledged myself. I love another woman.

- But...

- It is true. I have always loved. You do not want to know.

- But...

With a couple of light steps she leaves the glade. Seven thin veils wave after her like glowing gases at the tail of a comet. The man looks bewildered while his dream disappears in the forest.

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