The Ride

A woman asked for a ride on behalf of her friend and the man promised to offer one. He waits, feels anxious and likes to get on the road soon. He glances at his watch.

Sand makes scrunching sounds when a woman approaches the man and greets him with a smile. Confused, he answers the greeting, believing that the woman does not notice his embarrassment. The woman is beautiful and graceful, only half his age. Her hair is brown and short, brushed in a way that makes it look wind-blown, thus creating an impression of naturalness. Behind her left ear stands a white feather. Her eyes are deep brown in color surrounded by pure whiteness.

The car is burning hot because of the sun. The air conditioner hums and emits chilled air into the car. The man explores the woman with words, probing her with questions. The woman answers the man, says more than is asked, wanting to share her ideas and values. She allures the man to open up, too; tempts him to tell about himself, his life.

In the woman's words, the man faces a complete new world, a philosophy of life that is different from anything he has previously experienced. He wants to feel and understand it deeply. Their shared thoughts combine and create something new. The journey goes on.

Woman sits silently next to the driver. She looks ahead, follows the road flowing under the wheels. They are both silent. The scenery looks new, although seen many times before. For the first time in his life, the man obeys the speed limits because he wants to continue the silent togetherness as long as possible.

The journey ends. The woman gets out of the car. She peeks at the man and teases him with a smile. She knows without a doubt what the man has been thinking of during the journey. She raises her palm towards the man, makes a fist and opens it again, and closes and opens, and flashes the man out of her life.

After she left, the man continues the journey. He touches the warmth the woman's body left on the seat next to him. The memory of the woman's red toe nails winks in the legroom.

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