The Rain

The troll stands in the rain. It looks at raindrops that are falling down the earth. It sees how each of them carries sunshine and spreads the glitters around when the drop hits the ground. The joy of spreading shine sprinkles the troll's toes and they start to waggle wildly.

Troll grabs one of the raindrops and pulls it hard. With its toes it touches another drop and steps on it. Step by step, grip by grip the troll climbs on falling raindrops up the raining cloud.

There is a lake on the cloud. The troll sits there by the water edge swaying its feet in the water with the raindrops that are waiting for their turn. The sun shines gently and the raindrops gather the sun's glow in their arms. The troll lifts raindrops from the lake and lays them at the edge of the cloud. There they stretch themselves out, get dressed with sunshine and jump down towards the earth. Part of the sun's glow loosens on the way down and creates an arc tinted in every shade of color like the troll's tail.

The troll lets its thoughts flow over the edge of the cloud with the raindrops. Langour and well being take over the troll so that it almost does not notice how it also melts into falling raindrops.

The trolldrops form trollbrooks that flow and are trollizing to a complete troll. The troll sits up and looks at how its toes slowly flow into their place. It shakes the pine tree next to it to get more drops and catches a squirrel that fell down because of the shaking. The troll wrings the squirrel dry and gives it a trollnut from its pocket. The squirrel rasps, grabs the trollnut and climbs back to the tree.

Troll blows its flute creating tones that sound like summer while it peacefully walks in the woods towards its cave. In its pocket is a small bowl, filled with sun gilded raindrops.

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