The End

A man walks in the middle of his loneliness on the back alleys at the outskirts of the town. Everyone avoids looking at the man but hurries to restore a comfortable distance between them. The man looks down. He is tired of his loneliness and determined to end it with a single act.

The man walks toward a storeroom building in a back alley. In his bag he carries a carefully selected piece of rope, occasionally caressing it and feeling the forthcoming pleasure of relief. He pushes the door open and enters the storeroom building and starts to pull the rope out of his bag. He smiles.

– Exit immediately, mister, snaps a worker standing behind the desk.

– But I would like a dog…

– And what would you, mister, do with a dog? Dogs are not delivered to every tramp, not even from a pet shelter like this. You might eat it, or skin it and make mittens from its skin. No. It is a definite no for you, mister. Go out now before I call the police.

– I thought it could be my friend… I already brought the rope for a leash, says the man digging his bag.

– Now, listen to this, mister. We cannot give dogs just to anybody. The dogs are not toys but living creatures. Our responsibility in here is to make sure that they get a decent home or die a worthy death.

– Could I just pat a little that small grey furry one…

– Just go out now, mister. Besides, it is just waste of time to tap that dog. It is finished as soon as the veterinarian arrives.

– I would like to have it...

– I asked you to leave, mister, says the worker tersely and shouts toward the back room – Guard! We have a problem in here, one of them again.

The man lowers his head and goes out without arguing. He sits down on a bench beside the wall of the building. He mourns the small furry dog that was not allowed to leave with him. Tears blur his vision and the figure of the approaching guard.

– Just go away now, says the guard severely. – And hide this.

The guard pushes the small grey furry dog to the man's arms. The man gets up hugging the dog. He wipes his face and walks away with his feet just barely touching the ground.

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