The darkness gets down into the forest. It folds its wings and knocks on the troll's door. The troll opens and asks the darkness to enter the cave.

They sit in silence until the darkness encourages and asks: "May I see it again?"

The troll consents and digs its pockets. There, covered by birch bark, deep in ash, in a sparkle, lives the fire. The troll pours the ashes on its palm, seeks the sparkle and blowing gently, offers it a piece of tinder. The fire reaches out of the sparkle, devours all the tinder and soughs for more.

The darkness nods. Noticing that the troll promises: "We'll build a bonfire". The fire leaps from the sparkle and escapes to the forest. From there it brings dry firewood to the bonfire and starts dancing on it. The darkness is charmed by fire's dance, inhales it and transforms a little out of existence.

The darkness gets on its wings and promises to be back. The troll grins a grimace.

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